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Entertaining Sacramento since 1980

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KEB-KEB the MAGIC CLOWN will entertain your guests with his sardonic wit and Comedy Magic Show including Juggling and Balloon Animals. KEB-KEB has studied the comedy techniques of such legends as Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Red Skelton & Benny Hill and is able to customize a show suitable for any adult group.

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Comedy and Magic Show - KEB-KEB offers an adult show specially designed for parties with a Guest of Honor celebrating a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or Retirement. He performs interactive Comedy Magic & Juggling with the entire audience and features the Guest of Honor in his Grand Finale Headchopper Routine. This hilarious routine, played for laughs instead of gore, features KEB-KEB with a guillotine-type device pretending to decapitate the Guest of Honor. KEB-KEB also makes an elaborate Balloon Crown for the Guest of Honor and gathers the entire group of adults together to sing an appropriate song for the Guest of Honor.

Walk-A-Round Magic - KEB-KEB is able to entertain adults at large events by moving from group to group with his Close-up Magic and Balloon Animals. This program is perfect for reception & buffet lines or large luncheons & dinners.

Please call or E-Mail for current prices!

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