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PINKY the Gorilla


PINKY the Gorilla Singing Telegrams are the perfect way to send a unique surprise to a friend, co-worker or sweetheart. PINKY the Gorilla stands almost 7 feet tall, weighs in at close to 300 pounds and is guaranteed to surprise and delight your special person.

PINKY the Gorilla delivers a beautiful Helium Balloon Bouquet consisting of Jewel-toned and decorated latex balloons and a Mylar balloon with a message suitable for any occasion including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement, I Love You and Graduations.

PINKY the Gorilla performs a short comic routine (perfect for workplace deliveries) with silly gorilla jokes interacting with the special person as well as the audience, sings an appropriate song (all done in a thick gorilla-type gravelly gorilla-type voice) and poses for photographs.

Same Day Deliveries Available!

Credit Cards Accepted!!

Please call or E-Mail for current prices!

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