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Entertaining Sacramento since 1980

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KEB-KEB the Magic Clown has entertained thousands of children and their parents at birthday parties throughout the Sacramento area with his special blend of interactive comedy magic, juggling and balloon animals. He has been performing in Sacramento since 1980 and is now often called upon to perform for the children of past birthday party honorees. KEB-KEB is available throughout the Sacramento area including Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln and Davis.

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KEB-KEB the Magic Clown offers a special routine for children's birthday party, which starts with a fast-paced interactive comedy magic show involving the entire audience in the show and features the birthday child in the first magical illusion. This show includes a comedy juggling routine with balls, clubs and other objects.

KEB-KEB tells children's jokes in a rapid-fire style while creating elaborate Balloon Cartoon Characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Taz, Elmo, Road Runner and Pluto. KEB-KEB makes 4 of these large, multi-colored, moving eye Cartoon Balloons for the Birthday Child and 3 other children. After the show, KEB- KEB creates Balloon Animals such as Airplanes, Flowers, Teddy Bears, Motorcycles, Hummingbirds, Swords and Dogs & Cats for all of the children.

KEB-KEB has a Grand Finale which includes an elaborate multi-colored Balloon Birthday Hat for the birthday child. KEB-KEB leads all of the children in singing Happy Birthday, and gathers the entire group of children together with the birthday child to pose for photographs.

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KEB-KEB performs a 1 hour Birthday Party Magic Show designed for up to 25 children consisting of a 30 to 40 minute Magic Show with Cartoon Character Balloon Animals & Juggling followed by Balloon Animals for all of the children.

KEB-KEB performs a 90 minute Birthday Party Magic Show perfect for up to 45 children or older children interested in a longer magic presentation. This show consists of a Magic Show with Cartoon Character Balloon Animals & Juggling followed by Balloon Animals for all of the children. The length of the Magic Show depends on the number of children and is longer for older children.

KEB-KEB also offers a 2 hour Balloon Animal Presentation, make-up optional, which is perfect for birthday parties that want several elaborate balloon animals.

Please call or E-Mail for current prices! Same day Shows Available! Credit Cards Accepted!