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Entertaining Sacramento since 1980

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KEB-KEB the Magic Clown (alias Kevin Kelber) was born in Milwaukee WI in 1959 and was fascinated by magic & comedy from an early age. His first public performance was for his 3rd grade class "show and tell" with his Marshall Brodien magic set. KEB-KEB was also heavily influenced by the great comedians of the time including Uncle Milty, Soupy Sales, Flip Wilson & many others. He performed his first "professional"(defined as being paid - $20.00!!) show was at the age of 17 for the child of a co-worker. KEB-KEB remembers "Although I was able to fool the children and their parents with my tricks, I felt that something was missing."
KEB-KEB discovered that missing element after seeing the touring magic shows of Doug Henning and Harry Blackstone Jr. KEB-KEB - "After seeing these 2 legendary magical professionals, I knew what I was missing. Even though I knew the technical aspects of how most of their tricks worked, I found myself being drawn into the fantasy magical world created by these pros. I was being ENTERTAINED and I didn't care that I already knew the trick."
KEB-KEB relocated to California in 1980 and combined his love of magic and comedy and cut his early performing teeth on the streets of San Francisco learning how to handle audiences ranging from awe-struck children to street-wise teenagers along with inebriated adults. This was where the seeds for KEB-KEB the clown character would germinate. KEB-KEB also joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the World Clown Association attending conventions & seminars learning from the best professional clowns and magicians in the world.
KEB-KEB has combined this education with his love of comedy into a unique and totally original clown character that is perfect for any event from a small Birthday Party to Corporate events and Grand Openings. After more than a quarter century in whiteface, KEB-KEB is still going strong and will be entertaining children & their parents for many years to come!